Start with a Prototype – The Garage

Since the design and build of my SHELL concept is unique, the chances of making errors are high. So, I plan to start with a prototype by applying the same concept to a two-door garage with a workshop. I was fortunate enough to purchase some land across the road to achieve this.

I’ll post some initial designs and use architecture software to produce the final design.

Going forward, we’ll call this place the “Werkshop” or prototype.

2 thoughts on “Start with a Prototype – The Garage”

  1. Salut Kevin,

    Inspiring project. Love the prototype approach.

    Let’s keep un touch as my girlfriend and I are trying to buy in Edina!


    • Thanks Carl,
      I decided to start this project in 2027. Definitely interested in the tiny home concept and using recycled materials. All this will be recorded and logged here on my site; from the cost of materials to designs chosen and tools used. If you do find a place nearby, let’s keep in touch.


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