I love my Honda & why I will never own one again

On November 16, I woke up seeing an empty driveway where my 2018 Honda CR-V should have been parked, as were the last four CR-Vs were parked the past twelve years. It was stolen overnight in front of my living & bedroom above. There was no evidence of forced entry… the thief just unlocked the door, started the car, and drove off… without a key. Like all recent cars, we can unlock & start vehicles with a remote keyless entry system. While convenient, it’s obvious Honda does not make this secure through encryption; just look at IBC’s last year’s top10 for stolen cars. I urge Honda to change this crisis into an opportunity – make security a core value of your company. You’ve lost me as a loyal client, Honda. Make your product secure and win me back.

– Kevin Dineen.

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