Floppies, Diskettes, Zip Disks, CD, DVD, Blu-ray: Transfer-to-Email Services

As a fun project, I restored an old Pentium PC which has a 5 1/4″ floppy drive, a 3 1/2″ diskette drive, and a CD-ROM drive. I also have an Iomega Zip drive, and drives for DVD and Blu-ray discs. I have plenty of spare parts so this system should last quite awhile.

If you need to access these legacy storage formats, I offer my services in transferring this data into email attachments or a cloud system.

This is a hobby for me, not a business. There is no guarantee that the transfer will be successful as these media do corrupt over time. But I will try my best.

Contact me on this website by leaving a comment below and we’ll arrange shipment and payment (I am in Montreal, and we can do an e-Transfer).

My fee: $5 CAD per item (floppy, diskette, Zip, CD, DVD, Blu-ray).

If you are a company that does transfers and need help, let me know. Perhaps I may be of assistance. If you are a member of a police agency working on a case where there is legacy media to access, I am willing to provide my services free of charge.

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